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The Capitals

Cities across the globe, marked as capital or major cities on Earth. Do you know something about it?

  • Q1 What used to be the capital city of United Kingdom before London?

  • Q2 What's the capital Argentina?

  • Q3 Oslo, the capital city of Norway, till 1925 was named _____.

  • Q4 What's the capital of New Zealand?

  • Q5 The largest capital city in Europe is ____?

  • Q6 Which capital city is at the highest altitude?

  • Q7 Which capital city are located on the Mediterranean coast?

  • Q8 Which capital city is the coldest in winter?

  • Q9 Which capital is located closest to the equator?

  • Q10 What is the population of the smallest capital city in the world, Ngerulmud, Palau?

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