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Teddy's Got a Gun

Game about the "Not Another Teen Movie" . Teddy loves silly movies.

  • Q1 What's the current IMDB rating of this movie?

  • Q2 Which character sung "Janey's got a gun"?

  • Q3 Which actor plays "The Coach"?

  • Q4 When was the movie released?

  • Q5 How many Concussions left did Reggie Ray had at the beginning of the movie?

  • Q6 Ricky Lipman is ________?

  • Q7 Character Richard Vernon played by Paul Gleason appeared in which movie at first?

  • Q8 Priscilla is ________?

  • Q9 Beverly Polcyn is kissing who in this movie?

  • Q10 How much did the movie earn in its first Opening Weekend?

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