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Snowboarding knowledge

Let's see how good you know snowboarding

  • Q1 What are bindings?

  • Q2 What is the best type of snow for snowboarding?

  • Q3 Who should try snowboarding?

  • Q4 What is the front end of the snowboard called?

  • Q5 What is the most "versatile" type of snowboard?

  • Q6 What year is considered to be the year snowboarding was invented?

  • Q7 What is it called when a snowboarder changes from one stance to another while going down the hill?

  • Q8 What is it called when you are simply riding down any kind of slope on a snowboard?

  • Q9 When was the first National Snowboard race?

  • Q10 How old was the professional snowboarder Shaun White when he went pro?

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