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My name is Bond

To become a full-time top-secret agent, you'll need to show you're worth it by proving your knowledge of one of your, soon to be. best known peers!

  • Q1 James Bond is fictional character created by which British journalist and novelist?

  • Q2 Head of the Secret Intelligence Service, also known as MI6, and Bond's superior goes by one letter. Which one?

  • Q3 M's secretary goes by _____________?

  • Q4 How many films by Eon Production films have been made so far( January 2018 )?

  • Q5 Which actor has played James Bond most number of times?

  • Q6 First James Bond novel was released in 1953. The title was __________?

  • Q7 1962 Eon Productions released the first cinema adaptation of an Ian Fleming novel. Which one?

  • Q8 Which tabloid approached Ian Flemming, back in 1957, to adapt his stories into comic strips?

  • Q9 Goldeneye (estate) was used for filming James Bond movies, but after that was sold to which celebrity?

  • Q10 One of these characters is recurring in James Bond movies, but does not appear in any of the Ian Fleming novels.

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