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Know the Kardashians?

If you've been Keeping Up With Kardashians lately, prove you're loyal to the special Ks. Yes.

  • Q1 Who is the oldest Kardashian sister?

  • Q2 How many kids do Bruce and Kris have all together?

  • Q3 Which Kardashian family member was arrested for a DUI in 2007 and served jail time?

  • Q4 When Did Kris and bruce marry?

  • Q5 What's the name of Kim's first husband?

  • Q6 What is Blac Chyna's first name?

  • Q7 What does rob do for living?

  • Q8 Which of these is NOT one of Kim and Kanye's kids?

  • Q9 Which NBA player has NOT been married to a Kardashian?

  • Q10 Which NFL running back did Kim date for more than two years?

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