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Iphone master

Think you know all about Iphone let's begin

  • Q1 When is the first iphone relased?

  • Q2 What type of glass is on the iphone?

  • Q3 Which of these was one of the original iPhone slogans?

  • Q4 Which iPhone was the first to include a camera with an accompanying flash?

  • Q5 Which rockstar’s silhouette is featured on all iPhones, iPads and iPod touches as the logo for the “artists” tab?

  • Q6 In 2010 which gadget website reported that they had paid $5,000 for a prototype of the fourth iPhone and were consequently raided by law enforcers?

  • Q7 In July 2007 for what did Apple pay $1,000,000 to entrepreneur Michael Kovatch?

  • Q8 Susan Bennett is famous for what key feature of later iPhones?

  • Q9 How much did the 8-gigabyte iPhone cost in the United States when it first hit store shelves?

  • Q10 In 2009, Apple introduced the first $99 iPhone. How much data can it store?

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