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How much do you know about the Solar System?

Sun and its companions! Swirling around the canvas. Marbles in time? Or just plain meaningless rocks?

  • Q1 How many known planets are in the Solar System?

  • Q2 How many planetary satellites orbit around the planets?

  • Q3 Who was the first to theorize about the Solar System?

  • Q4 Biggest object in the Solar System is...

  • Q5 How much is the distance between Earth and the Sun (also known as 1 Astronomical Distance)?

  • Q6 Which planet is the closest to the Sun?

  • Q7 How old is the Solar System?

  • Q8 Solar System is orbiting at what speed?

  • Q9 What kind of belt does the Solar System have?

  • Q10 Which star system is the closest to the Solar System?

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