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Countries of the world

How much do you know about sovereign countries all around the whole wide world?

  • Q1 Which country is the smallest country in the world, based on population?

  • Q2 Which is the biggest countries in the world, based on area?

  • Q3 Which of the following is island-country?

  • Q4 How many countries are there in the world, as of January 2018?

  • Q5 This country has the most neighboring countries - 14. Which one is it?

  • Q6 Which two countries have the longest land border in the world?

  • Q7 Which country was the first in the world to give women the vote?

  • Q8 What's the current population of India ( 2018 )?

  • Q9 Which country has the most time zones in the world?

  • Q10 How many countries are there in Asia continent?

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