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  • Q1 Which NBA coach led the Jordan-era Bulls to 3 consecutive championships, and then coached a Kobe-led Lakers to another 3 consecutive championships?

  • Q2 This all-star NBA player, originally from Indiana, was drafted by and retired from the Boston Celtics

  • Q3 Bob Knight, one of the most successful college basketball coaches of of all-time and also a very controversial one, led which team to 3 national championships?

  • Q4 How high is a basketball hoop?

  • Q5 In 2004, both men’s and women’s teams from this school won the NCAA championship: University of Florida

  • Q6 Russell Westbrook was drafted by this team but never played there

  • Q7 Which of the following jazz songs is the theme for the traveling exhibition basketball team, The Harlem Globetrotters?

  • Q8 How many players can a team have playing on the court at a given time?

  • Q9 A traveling violation occurs when a player takes more than this many steps without dribbling the ball

  • Q10 In the movie, “Fletch”, Chevy Chase has a dream in which he plays on this NBA team:

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