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Albert Einstein - All is relative

Would you happen to know enough about one of the greatest Physicists of all time? Test your knowledge now!

  • Q1 Where was Albert Einstein born?

  • Q2 Einstein abandoned his religious fervor after studying the ideas of which philosopher who suggested God might not exist?

  • Q3 Albert Einstein had a religious education at home, where he practised which religion?

  • Q4 What was Albert's sister's name?

  • Q5 In 1905, the final jigsaw pieces of the special theory of relativity came to Einstein where?

  • Q6 What did Einstein think was useless in helping humanity forward?

  • Q7 In 1952, Einstein was offered the Presidency of which country, as a result of his beliefs?

  • Q8 Which of these is NOT one of Einstein's honors?

  • Q9 He was noted for his snowy white beard and wild hair. Do you know what his natural hair color was?

  • Q10 Complete the quote by Einstein: "Science without religion is _______; religion without science is _______".

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