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Antarctica is noted as the last region on Earth in recorded history to be discovered and colonised by humans!

  • Q1 The nation that first reached the Antarctica is?

  • Q2 And the year when that happened was?

  • Q3 Size of the Antarctic continent is?

  • Q4 Antarctica is covered by ice that averages?

  • Q5 Who named the continent Antarctica?

  • Q6 United States scientific research station, the southernmost place on the Earth, is named?

  • Q7 Largest territorial claim in Antarctica is by which country?

  • Q8 The number of people conducting and supporting scientific research and other work on the continent and its nearby islands during winter time is?

  • Q9 If all of this ice from Antarctica melted, sea levels would rise about?

  • Q10 The first person to sail single-handed to Antarctica was?

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